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With Bottle Message You can

Find the bottles on the map


Our partners placed something special for you there

Get a reward for your actions


Meet the brands closer and earn money

Collect and use


Use the found offers, get presents from partners

See the bottle?
Open it!

It may contain something special for you!

More than wallet

All your cashback, discounts and presents are in one place. Use it, whenever you want. Earn, save, and find with Bottle Message!

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Bottle Message is always with you

Bottle Message is always with you. Save time, money and always be up on the latest news and shares from your favourite brands. Just leave the E-mail and we will tell you when you can start!

What's in the bottle?


Promotions, Discounts

Find special offers, discounts, cashback and presents

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Way to the store

Bottle Message will tell you the way to the store, whether it's on the street or in the Internet.



Move on! Every step you take with Bottle Message will bring you closer to success

Find bottles everywhere

Just turn on Bottle Message in the morning and start your adventure on the way to work or study

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